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eHealth: Catalyst for Reform – Enabler for Growth

The eHealth Forum 2016 is concluded.
Thank you for your participation!

The eHealth Forum aims to become the definitive annual meeting point, centered in Greece, within the rapidly growing eHealth market where stakeholders from the South East of Europe and the Middle East connect and network to exchange information and innovation. The eHealth Forum aims to engage representatives from all fields, provide the grounds to display all points of view, and be the place where ideas develop, mature and are implemented into actions benefiting society and the economy.

The eHealth Forum is organised by MINDWORK BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Consulting Services Ltd., under the leadership of Health Level Seven Hellas (HL7) and in cooperation with the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance), the Greek Network EIP on AHA, the Athens Medical Society, the Hellenic Healthy Cities Network (EDDYPPY), and the valuable support of HL7 International, IHE-Europe (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise), EHTEL (European Health Telematics Association), the Hellenic Health Informatics Association (HHIA), Open Health Alliance, the Institute of Computer Science (ICS) of the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH), and the Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece (SEPVE) invites national and international stakeholders and policymakers, to pursue the conversation on eHealth, help create lasting partnerships and effect comprehensive change in healthcare.

Your involvement to the eHealth Forum matters!

  • Get  comprehensive information on the  ehealth ecosystem in Greece, S.E. Europe and the Middle East.
  • Learn the latest developments from world class speakers and experts in innovation, telecommunications, and digital applications in Health.
  • Connect with key stakeholders and industry leaders from the West, Greece, the South East of Europe and the Middle East.
  • Join in the conversation be part of building the strategy and developing of policies and regulation of eHealth and mHealth at a national and European level.
  • Ensure the promotion of your company or organisation by connecting its identity with innovative methods and practices.
  • Learn about methods and sources of financing your projects.
  • Network  with companies, organisations, researchers and experts with knowledge on a wide range of subjects concerning eHealth:
    eHealth & mHealth, leadership and digital transformation in eHealth, medical devices, ΙοΤ in health, health IT, telecare, telehealth, mHealth regulations, wearables, big data, cloud, patient data, interoperability, cyber security, protocols, active ageing, prevention, health & wellbeing, communications and marketing services for eHealth.

eHealth is rapidly dominating all areas of industry and thus presents an opportunity for financial and scientific growth and social reform. Within this growing market the eHealth Forum will prove to be the meeting point where stakeholders exchange information and innovation and connect with policy makers in further developing the eHealth agenda for the Greek eHealth ecosystem, Southeastern Europe and the Balkans.

The eHealth Forum, now in its 3th year, once again organised with great success in 2015, reinforced the need for a forum strategically placed  to connect stakeholders, key leaders and policymakers from the West with those from the Balkans, South East Mediterranean, Israel and the Middle East. In addition, the eHealth Forum aspires to become the epicenter of all eHealth stakeholders from Greece and the surrounding region.

To that end, we believe this year’s eHealth Forum is an excellent opportunity to enhance the discussion at the highest level. Accordingly, it is our conviction the eHealth Forum will facilitate in bringing the conversation forward, and lead to further developing competence among EU member states.

This year the eHealth Forum & Exhibit in Athens will showcase eHealth professionals, innovative technologies, startups and powerful networking. It will feature roundtable discussions, panel sessions, pre-conference symposia and workshops. All participants will have access to keynotes, B2B and B2C networking, pitching sessions with investors, presentations by world class experts and a comprehensive exhibit of cutting edge technology and innovation.

This year’s eHealth Forum Exhibit will showcase health IT applications, wearables and IoT applications for digital health and wellbeing. Delegates and visitors will be in the center of the interactive exhibit and experience the latest in digital health tech first hand.

Why participate

  • Gain comprehensive information and knowledge on the ehealth ecosystems.
  • Follow the latest developments presented by world class speakers and experts in innovation and ICT in health.
  • Connect and network with key stakeholders and industry leaders.
  • Contribute to the conversation and be part of building the strategy and development of policies of eHealth and mHealth.
  • Learn about methods and sources of financing for your projects.
  • Promote your company within the connected health domain.
  • Join matchmaking sessions with companies, organisations, start-ups, researchers and experts working on a wide range of subjects concerning eHealth – the eHealth Forum matchmaking tool is at your disposal.
  • Exhibit your ICT products and services, applications, wearables, sensor-powered eHealth solutions, fitness and well-being apps.
  • See how digital health innovation is changing our lives.
  • Experience cutting edge technology in the palm of your hand.
  • Try mobile apps, smart sensors, medical devices, wearables.
  • Find new ways to manage your health, fitness and well-being.
  • Learn about the Internet of Things and connected health.
  • Discover our Startup Garden of innovative startups & spin-offs.
  • Exhibit your products or services to consumers, patients, and the general public.
  • Connect with investors and industry leaders.
  • Journey into the future of health and patient care.
  • Enjoy surprise events, happenings and win great prizes.


























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