Dimitris Papastergiou

Mayor of Trikala

Dimitris Papastergiou

Mayor of Trikala
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Mayor Dimitris Papastergiou was born in Trikala in 1973.

During his student years he was involved with the student councils and participated in the assertion committee for the Faculty of Physical Education & Sports in the city of Trikala and other student protests. In 1991 he graduated from the Cross Curricular Lyceum of Trikala. That same year he was accepted to the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering / Computer National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and in parallel attended journalism courses in Athens.

Dimitris Papastergiou has a lifelong relationship and great passion for radio and music. In 1991 he participated in the launch of the radio station Hot Mix 88 and in 2001, after his military service he was part of the team that setup the Anemos 92 radio station. He maintains strong links with technology and the internet, a relationship that was strengthened through the NTUA Multimedia Laboratory. In 2001 through the Hot Mix Radio Station he designed and launched the first integrated webpage for the prefecture of Trikala, the 3kala.gr.

His participation in public services began in 2002 when he was elected to local authority as alderman and continued in 2006 when the citizens of Trikala again elected him to represent them on the municipal council.

He can’t live without music, basketball, mountain and travel and PC programming relaxes him.

He speaks English and tries to refresh the very good French he knew once. He also talks to… computers in Visual Basic, SQL, Asp, Html and a few .NET, C, Java.

He uses his bicycle as his primary means of transportation.

He is married with the Traffic Engineer Mrs. Sula Braki and is the proud father of 3 lovely children.

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