Stella Tsartsara

Integrated Long Term Care & Cross Border Healthcare Adviser - Senior Tourism/Gerontologist

Stella Tsartsara

Integrated Long Term Care & Cross Border Healthcare Adviser - Senior Tourism/Gerontologist
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My name is Stella I. Tsartsara and I am working to establish effective healthcare systems coping with the Ageing and Demographic challenge and in EU Patient Mobility, specializing in Integrated Long Term and HealthCare planning, Wellbeing Consulting, Gerontology and at the EU Cross Border Healthcare coordination and healthcare delivery under the EU Cross Border Healthcare Directive (CBHD) 24/2011/EC.

My last project is the creation of the 1st EU Community Social Care Forum – a Permanent Forum on Community Based Chronic Conditions Integrated LT Care Best Practices across Europe and beyond.

My research area specialty is in chronic care, frailty, multiple morbidity and the long term care, social care, intermediate integrated care settings necessary to cope with chronic conditions management in particular in low middle income countries and EU Regions in economic crisis, proposing innovative solutions in blending investment, financing, organization and business models. I have been invited speaker in 9 international scientific conferences(1) only in the last year to speak about the research progress of my study(2) and I am also a peer reviewer of Chronic Conditions Policy Briefs at the European Observatory of Health Systems and Policies of the WHO(3)

I have been working as EU Policy development adviser for public administrations, PPP, Governments and the non-governmental sector in more than 40 EU and non EU countries to advise decision makers in aggregated policy avoiding silos as Gerontologist, management and control systems’ developer at regional and national level and facilitating the entrepreneurial mentality in public management at local and regional level.

Since more than 10 years, I am specializing in Silver Economy development and recently in Long term Care Innovative Financing and Procurement models, Smart Specialization in Integrated Care in low and middle income regions, eHealth and mHealth, and to the implementation modalities of the EU Cross Border Healthcare Directive 24/2011/EC – my last project on this was the establishment of the 1st European Referral CBHD 24/11/EC Organization with MEPs and other health related associations from all over EU led by Dr Tit Albreht Member of the European Observatory of Health Systems and Policies Steering Committee.

I am also a member of the EC DG Sante European Reference Networks for Rare Diseases and treatment of patients across borders and I was until recently working for the coordination team of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing, B3 Action Group Integrated Care, Remote Care for Chronicity and Frailty for the EU Commission.

In relation to the Silver Economy, I have been working as sustainable development planner at regional level since 2000 and I expertise in developing Territorial Branding revealing, activating and promoting local health and care resources for Senior Tourism and Integrated Care in rural and periurban areas. In terms of Policy Communication and Branding I am specializing in Political Communication working at the EU Parliament for 4 years in the DG – Information and Communication with the Citizen and from lobbying decision making centres in Brussels in sensitive sector related issues and policies since 2000.

Lately, I am applying as a PhD candidate on Integrated Care systems working almost exclusively in the area of Integrated Care, Long Term Care, Silver Economy and Senior Tourism in Active and Healthy Ageing.



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