eHealth Forum Festival Startup Garden

Our digital health Startup Garden is ready to bloom in Athens

Our digital health Startup Garden reaches full “bloom” at Technopolis City of Athens, Gazi,  for two days, on the 25th and 26th of October. More than 25 of the most innovative startups from Greece and abroad come together in a cutting edge tailor made space, to showcase and describe how technology impacts the way  we manage our health and well-being.

eHealth Forum Festival Startup GardenOur collection of innovation “startup-blooms” this year range from those offering the more complex to the straightforward, but always useful and oftentimes lifesaving applications that give solutions to existing problems, or contribute to the prevention of new issues. Visitors will have the chance to experience real life examples and try a wide variety of applications like helping patients deal with dementia – Carealia; keeping users safe and healthy by creating a network to watch over them – Wover; help seniors in the home and patients with chronic conditions – BioAssist; or support children’s health through daily family life with the research project from Finland, WellWe-tool. A highlight in this category is the EU program robot RADIO, that aims to provide support to senior citizens, offering them their independence.

We’ll also have platforms like cloudEMA an intuitive, flexible and intelligent medical assistant that helps you complete an exam report in minutes; the InSyBio suite that identifies the biomarkers that pave the way to personalised nutrition and treatment protocols or that match illness to treatment using artificial intelligence; others like e-nios and their BioInfoMiner which translates the results of genomic data into medical knowledge.

Technology presents solutions to people with a handicap or limited range of motion; as will be demonstrated by Kinetisense, a real-time motion analysis software (with the use of VR);   or Caresno, a non-contact continuous sleep monitoring and disorder detection software, that can monitor heart, body movements, respiratory, snoring and murmurs; and SciFy who will demonstrate how people with special needs have the potential for new capabilities. Visitors will also experience the Sports Electroceuticals application that utilises micro currents and electromagnetic fields to treat trauma and more. VidaMe enables the consumer to collect and access personal health and wellness information via the use of a smart app, connected devices and a cloud platform, where big data & predictive analytics are utilized to provide coaching and motivation…to lose weight, eat better, exercise more.

Our Startup Garden also includes communities of doctors like AmongDoctors and nutritionists/trainers/special clinicians like HealthyClub; and patients groups, like CareAcross for cancer patients, or D Partner for diabetics; and Vitabroad, a full service facilitator for medical tourism in Greece.  An interesting addition to our Startup Garden is Humane Reaction, a network empowering individuals with special needs, by bringing together expert specialists and ordinary people, to help them discover and enhance their many abilities.

In a league of their own are all the platforms that take advantage of the vast possibilities of social media to redistribute unused medicine, like GivMed or Doctoranytime that helps people book  appointments with private-practising doctors.  Blueline a real-time, on-demand platform for dynamically matching supply and demand in the primary healthcare sector; WebHippocrates that allows you to track and contact the best doctors worldwide; and Bloode, an online platform connecting people in need with blood donors, reshaping the blood donation system.

Last but not least, a group of villages from Parnonas under the banner of «The Meraki People» showcase a grassroots approach to create a Blue Economy proposing a disruptive system that may turn out to be quite innovative.

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